Journal Pages

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Journal Pages

Inner Gremlin and Positive Affirmations journal pages help students overcome fears and frustrations and take risks in their artwork, often leading to amazing results.

Medium: Watercolor Pencil and Ink

Time: 3-4 days

Grade: 6-12
Objective: Explore creativity, unity and artistic voice.
Materials: Watercolor paper, or other thicker weight paper, brushes, water, watercolor pencils (or colored pencil/watercolor paints will work as well), Sharpie markers.

This lesson is also available for purchase on my Teachers Pay Teachers store: {click here}

Here's the process:

Here's are some results:

This is such a powerful lesson for students. The idea of it really resonates with them. It would make a great character education lesson for counselors and Language Arts teachers, not to mention Visual Arts teachers.


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