Saturday, September 28, 2013

In my Elements and Principles class which is filled mostly with Freshman I like doing a Graffiti name tag. It is a great way to start off the semester, keeps the kids engaged and gives me time to learn names and ability levels.

I started out the lesson simply by showing a youtube video of how to draw graffiti letters. Then I demonstrated with my own name on the projector and had them work with me. After that they were off and running. They used black markers and colored pencils. We talked briefly about glazing to get the blending of colors. It took them about 3 days to finish these. Each day I would show some examples of graffiti at the beginning of class to keep their brains going.

Here's a few:

Klee Name Tags

As a secondary Art teacher my classes are in flux for the first week and a half of school. I also have so many students it's tough for me to remember everyone's name! So one of my favorite lessons to teach first are name tags. It give me the chance to get to know everyone's name, the kids a chance to warm up and also give me an idea of their ability levels right out of the gate!

Here are some of the name tags I did first semester of this year. In my painting class we did these Paul Klee name tags. I did a quick introduction to Paul Klee and talked about color schemes through examples of his work. They came out pretty good. Take a look:

I also uploaded the lesson to Teachers Pay Teachers already, so if you're looking for a great way to talk about color with an easy to teach lesson, here's the link:



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