UPDATE! Zentangle Initials

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Using line designs and letter samples my students created 4-6 practice Zentangle designs. I searched YouTube and showed them examples of different Zentangle designs being created. I also demonstrated more slowly and gave the example sheets of Zentangle designs that I found on Pinterest. See my Pinterest Zentangle board here.

They also practiced creating the 2-3 initials of their choice. We penciled in the letter onto a 10" x 10" piece of drawing paper and then began breaking up the negative space around our letter. Last, but not least, we filled in the spaces around our letter with Zentangles. We talked about ensuring that the letter maintained dominance in our designs. Great for teaching Line and Repetition.

I think they turned out great! What do you think?

Update! Here is the lesson. It took me a year to put together and I think it is great! The students loved it and their work came out amazing.


Sunset Silhouettes

Friday, February 22, 2013

The process for this lesson is blogged on 4/27, but these are the final outcome. 1st semester of painting, for may students it was the first time using watercolor.

Color Wheel Motifs

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Explore color, motifs and radial symmetry with this color wheel lesson. My students had a blast coming up with ideas. We started by creating thumbnail ideas for our motifs and experimenting with how those ideas worked as a radial design. Next we drew out one of our ideas full size. Cut it out and traced it at a 30 degree angle around the center of our paper. Finally we painted all the colors on the color wheel using only primary colors.

This one is all wrapped up in a pretty little PowerPoint on my TpT store at:


Watercolor Sampler

Have students choose 6-8 textures or mini-scenes from magazines and then paste them onto a large sheet of watercolor paper. Next, using watercolor paint, have students try to re-create the textures and scenes in paint. Here is my example.


In my beginning art class we worked with sequential drawing and created our own comic book pages! The process was to do character development first, then come up with story line through a thumbnail storyboard, trace the final artwork in ink and then finally, add color! Take a look at this fun project.

Charley Harper Animals

Challenge students to think creatively! In my beginning art class we re-created an animal of our choice using rulers, protractors and compasses. Students struggled at first with not hand-drawing, but quickly got the hang of it. We learned about artist and illustrator, Charley Harper and talked about his unique style of creating graphic and flat images that nonetheless spoke volumes about the personality of the animals he created in his work. Here are some examples of my Freshman class. Also check out the process from beginning to end. This lesson is available on my TpT store!




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